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    2 Author(s):  REKHA MOCHI , DR.MALA DANI

Vol -  9, Issue- 11 ,         Page(s) : 10 - 20  (2018 ) DOI :


Indian cement industry is the second largest in the world. The largest being china. The cement industry is the second main industry in India. The general concept exists that financial leverage has significant impact on the financial leverage. The study main aim to find out the positive relationship with the financial leverage. The study used correlation analysis for the analysis of the data. In this study financial leverage as independent variable and financial performance as dependent variable which are measure by ROA, ROE, Sales Growth, N.P.Margin ,EPS. The results show the positive relationship of Ultratech cement debt equity ratio with return on assets, net profit margin, return on equity and negative relationship of debt equity ratio with earning per share and sales growth. The results show the positive relationship of Ambuja cement with all the financial performance. The result of the shree cement ltd shows negative relationship with EPS and net profit margin and positive relationship with ROA, ROE, and sales growth. The results show the positive relationship of acc and ramco with all the financial performance. The Birla corp., J.K.cement, India cement, and j.k.lakshmi cement shows the negative relationship with the entire financial performance indicator.

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