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    1 Author(s):  BRIJESH KUMAR YADAV

Vol -  5, Issue- 4 ,         Page(s) : 42 - 48  (2014 ) DOI :


The term “Named Entity” (NE) is the unsolved and open ended issue for Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. Recognition of NE is as crucial tasks as the classification of it. To extract them firstly we have to decide how to recognize the NEs. Named entities are often mined for marketing initiatives. Several works have been done in this area within Machine Translation (MT) perspective in major languages of the world. In the context of Indian languages a very few works have been done. Though there are many information can be retrieved from the name only like personal identification, caste, dynasty, religions, locality etc. NEs also include; geographic locations, ages, addresses, phone numbers, companies and addresses in other words proper nouns. In Hindi, a major Indo-Aryan Language of Indian subcontinent this area has been initially dealt by IIT-Bombay and IIIT-Hyderabad. The research paper tries to discuss the issue of Hindi NEs and describes the ambiguity caused by them without proper identification.

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